FIRST BULGARIA ™ - pellet and feed production engineering

First Bulgaria ™ is a leading engineering company in the field of pellet and feed production as well as in the delivery of pellet producing machines and machines for the production of feed. Th company secures complete technological solutions for their clients , consulting them about the most appropriate solutions for organising the production of pellets or feed. Our trademark is registered in the European Union .
Machines for the production of pellets and feed. First Bulgaria imports machines for pellet production and feed production directly from producers from China, The United Kingdom, Poland and other countries. The production of pellets from biomass and granulating feed for own needs and for the market is an activity with high economic effect.
The machines we offer for production of pellets and feed as well as the complete pellet lines and lines for production of feed are moderate in price and can be included in EU europrojects – Measure 123 "Programme for the development of the agricultural regions as well as in Programme "Competitiveness "
The investments in pellet production projects and especially in machines for the production of pellets are with high return on investment - a consumable with growing market is been produced. This consumable is characterised with increasing demand in Bulgaria , as well as in Italy and Greece (geographically close markets).
pellet machines, lines for pellet production .
The pellet production lines on offer are reasonably priced and offer high quality.
We are one of the few companies in Bulgaria , which can deliver technological assistance – installation, trimming of the machines and lines as well as technological know-how for the production of pellets and feed .
First Bulgaria provides guarantee and post-guarantee service for the machines purchased from us as well as consultancy services for the arrangement of pellet production process.
We deliver to our clients spare parts and consumables for the pellet machines q purchased from us .
pellet production lines .
We think, that the investments in biorenewable energy may prove to be more effective and flexible , with higher ROI than from other renewable sources.